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キンゴルウィラ村便り/Habari kutoka Kingolwira

Yaummy Nyombe ヤウミ

Habari kutoka Kingolwira -No.26



Kingolwira is among the villages that the weather has grown to fluctuate almost every year and is a village and eyes by now has grown and many residents visitors from various parts of the country from the growing industry and many have grown up coming for seeking different jobs, beginning the 2000 years there were two factories only in presence of sisal and tobacco, but now has increased and other industries two including a fruit factory for making various drinks and factory manufacture of cigarettes that is bean late 2017 being a neighbor completely and Tobacco factory.

In a trip to the AT in 2018 we tried to visit the nearby village of Mkuyuni where there are begun to cultivate a new crop of business in the name of vanilla, we tried to find one expert of the cultivation of the crop and took us to his farm, which are usually used as FFS(Farm For Sample) for other villagers who would like to cultivate the crop to get their education it also has other products like cloves, abdallah sini, and strawberry on a small film he grew up he began trying to cultivate.

Similarly we tried something else which also previously we never do is to climb the mountain of Uluguru to the village of Magadu and the nearby village of Mkonga, and it grew is good, though a bit hard for climbing a mountain but I think almost all of them were happy with how the environment of the city Morogoro appears on a hill also relatively different weather and other section down the corridor.

   Also in visiting primary schools this year we went to a school called the Ujirani primary school is like three kilometers from the village of Kingolwira, in school, three-quarters of its students are of the same ethnic group of Maasai and the school which was established for the purpose of helping children Maasai to get basic education to develop this ethnic group. They are breeders only educational matters grew not so important to them that one of these men of the Maasai decided to set up as a single class. So her children could read that the government saw the importance and to be able to build the school completed, although there are challenges here and there but they are getting education.

And these are just a few of the village with a trip to Alternative Tour Kingolwira 2018










キンゴルウィラの子どもたち/Children of Kingolwira/撮影:小原哲也さん